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Albert Einstein on Collective Bargaining

Think collective action is outside the realm of science?  Albert Einstein didn’t think so.  In “Out of My Later Years” (most recent print by Grammercy, 1993), the Noble-prize winning physicist – and founding member of AFT Local 552 at Princeton in 1938 – devotes an entire chapter of this memoir to his thoughts on the […]

“Time for a Faculty Union”: The View from Oregon

This week, SDFA President Ivan Evans and Vice-President Luis Martin-Cabrera are heading up to Eugene to observe the current union card membership drive that is taking place at the University of Oregon (UO).  Prof. Gordon Lafer (shown here) of UO’s Labor Education and Research Center has recently written up a faculty perspective on why UO faculty should unionize.  His point: […]

Anti-union campaign at UCSD begins early?

Walking through my department in early October, I noticed the following posting on our bulletin board: (here is the link from above). While nothing is untruthful here, it is not hard to read the skeptical, negative and scary tone between the lines. Is this an early shot on the part of the University administration to […]

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