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Results from the 2011 SDFA Faculty Survey

In September 2011, the SDFA conducted an attitudinal survey of its membership over several issues relevant to the UCSD faculty. The survey was emailed to 108 members and 55 replied, yielding a response rate of 51%.  To protect the anonymity of respondents, personal identifying information was not collected, so it is not possible to break […]

Einstein (brings in grant money!) vs Aristotle (what, no grant money?): which one would you hire (or fire)?

 by Ivan Evans, President, UCSD Faculty Association  Faculty at UC have long been painfully aware that their salaries lag behind pay scales at “comparable universities” across the country. And so UCOP came up with a remedy: the off-scale salary, which more than 2/3 of UC faculty now earn. The off-scale solution aims to retain faculty […]

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