CUCFA Letter of Protest to UCR’s “Protest Guidelines”

On December 10th, the Council of UC Faculty Associations formally endorsed a petition demanding the withdrawal of the “Protest Guidelines”  issued recently by the UCR Dean of Students. CUCFA believes that these Guidelines are a blatant attempt to abridge students’ right to free speech and dissent at UCR.  The Guidelines include requirements that exceed the UC policies on protest and that may be in violation of laws enacted by the California State Legislature (SB 1370, AB 2581) to protect freedom of speech on University campuses.CUCFA and SDFA are encouraging UCSD faculty to sign the petition posted at:

The Petition

Chancellor White and members of the UCR community,

We are deeply disturbed by the recently developed UCR student Protest Guidelines by the Dean of Students Office. The guidelines impose repressive rules such as a requirement that protest plans be reported a month ahead and approved two weeks in advance, censorship of protest flyers and posters by the administration, the presence of a UCR staff person, and restrictions on movement around the campus. The nature and content of the Protest Guidelines infringe on and curtail students’ freedom of speech and assembly, which are fundamental human rights protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. The rights of students, faculty and staff of free speech and assembly including protest are also protected by laws enacted by the California State Legislature (SB 1370AB 2581). Further, the UCR Protest Guidelines are inconsistent with Chancellor White’s recent declaration affirming commitment to freedom of expression and President Yudof’s statement on protecting “the rights of students, faculty, and staff to engage in non-violent protest.”

Student activism, including protest and free speech, has been a critical force in opposing State budget cuts to the UC and working to keep public higher education accessible.

We demand the immediate withdrawal of the Protest Guidelines.