Month: October 2011

Einstein (brings in grant money!) vs Aristotle (what, no grant money?): which one would you hire (or fire)?

 by Ivan Evans, President, UCSD Faculty Association  Faculty at UC have long been painfully aware that their salaries lag behind pay scales at “comparable universities” across the country. And so UCOP came up with a remedy: the off-scale salary, which more than 2/3 of UC faculty now earn. The off-scale solution aims to retain faculty […]

SDFA Endorses the Occupy Higher Education Movement

At noon on Friday, October 21, Monte Johnson, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Ethnic Studies PhD student Alborz Ghandehari organized a successful protest and teach-in in front of the Central Library in support of the .  The event attracted over 100 students, many who came in and out of the teach-in during the afternoon to learn how the […]

Petition to Support Occupy Wall Street

From Ricardo Dominguez, UCSD Professor of Visual Arts: The social movement known as Occupy Wall Street (OWS) is growing and raising issues of direct relevance to the faculty, students and staff of the University of California, including contracting opportunities and increasing debt loads for our students created by a system of privatized education and a […]

SDFA Members Attend Occupy San Diego

Several SDFA members made their voices heard at Occupy San Diego, which began on Friday October 7th and has continued through the weekend.  Organized in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement, and in response to historic levels of corruption, abuse and economic disparity, Occupy San Diego is now based at the San Diego Civic […]

AAUP Supports the Occupy Wall Street Movement

In a statement posted on Friday, October 7th, the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), SDFA’s parent organization, formally put their support behind the Occupy Wall Street movement.  Several SDFA members have also personally supported the movement by participation in the Occupy San Diego event the same day.  The AAUP statement was as follows:

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