Month: December 2011

UCR Chancellor White Withdraws Protest Guidelines

In response to overwhelming protest (including an open letter from the SDFA), UC Riverside Chancellor Timothy White withdrew the Protest Guidelines posted earlier this month on the UCR Dean of Students page, which he characterized as a “draft” document. However, this small victory may only be temporary; Chancellor White has directed a “review [of the policies] […]

Anti-union campaign at UCSD begins early?

Walking through my department in early October, I noticed the following posting on our bulletin board: (here is the link from above). While nothing is untruthful here, it is not hard to read the skeptical, negative and scary tone between the lines. Is this an early shot on the part of the University administration to […]

CUCFA Letter of Protest to UCR’s “Protest Guidelines”

On December 10th, the Council of UC Faculty Associations formally endorsed a petition demanding the withdrawal of the “Protest Guidelines”  issued recently by the UCR Dean of Students. CUCFA believes that these Guidelines are a blatant attempt to abridge students’ right to free speech and dissent at UCR.  The Guidelines include requirements that exceed the UC policies on protest and that may be […]

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