Month: March 2012

UCSD Campus Climate: Still Hostile

In advance of today’s Campus Climate Council meeting (2-4pm in Chancellor’s Complex 111A), the SDFA is speaking out against racist comments and student harassment that occurred at a recent Associated Students meeting.  There, Students for Justice in Palestine proposed a resolution to divest in corporations they believe profit from violent conflict (see the resolution here).  Instead […]

The March 5th Rally at Sacramento

The week of protest and action will be hit a peak this Monday, March 5th, at a rally in Sacramento.  Organized by Occupy Education California, a schedule of events is provided on their website. Among the protestors will be students from UCSD supported by the SDFA, as well as UC faculty from across California.  UC Berkeley […]

Student Demands Have a March 8 Deadline

At the culmination of the March 1st rally and protest, the UCSD Public Education Coalition “initiated a civil, peaceful, and indefinite Reclamation of the UC San Diego Chancellor’s Complex”.  They have cited six UCSD Institutional Demands and are demanding a response by March 8th: I. The permanent reopening of CLICS library and immediate moratorium on […]

“Time for a Faculty Union”: The View from Oregon

This week, SDFA President Ivan Evans and Vice-President Luis Martin-Cabrera are heading up to Eugene to observe the current union card membership drive that is taking place at the University of Oregon (UO).  Prof. Gordon Lafer (shown here) of UO’s Labor Education and Research Center has recently written up a faculty perspective on why UO faculty should unionize.  His point: […]