* Faculty Pay Raises: EVCAA Subramani Responds

Last week, SDFA President Ivan Evans and Vice President Luis Martin-Cabrera sent a letter to EVCAA Suresh Subramani asking for clarification on the recently announced pay raises for eligible faculty.  We’re happy to report that Prof. Subramani has promptly responded:

Dear Professor Evans,

I write in response to your email of September 26th asking for clarification about the UCOP Salary Increase Plan.

I can confirm that all non-exclusively represented staff and academic employees (including GSRs) are eligible for the 2011 salary increase if they meet the required performance standards. Information on the staff salary program can be found on Blink:
Exclusively represented employees (including TAs and Lecturers) receive salary increases in accordance with their negotiated contracts.

For employees who are permanently funded on general funds or student service fee (formerly Reg Fee) funds, the campus has budgeted to fund the increases centrally.

In accordance with the UCOP Salary Increase Plan requirements, not all academic employees were deemed eligible to receive this increase. As stated in the campus announcement, academics with two or more no change actions (with no positive action subsequently) are not eligible. There are very few faculty who fall into this category and thus the vast majority of the San Diego faculty will receive this
increase in their November 1st paychecks.

I am very pleased that we are able to recognize the hard work of the staff and faculty with this increase and I appreciate your concern and questions.


Suresh Subramani
Executive Vice Chancellor

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