* SDFA Relaunch Party!

On October 1st, your Acting Board will finally take office as the Executive Board of the SDFA, marking the beginning of a new chapter in the history of the SDFA. With your support, the Board hopes to make the SDFA a significant presence on campus, giving the faculty an additional forum to influence the many changes and decisions that are transforming UCSD and the UC system. As you are aware, these changes collectively amount to an historic redefinition of the philosophical and pedagogic underpinnings of the California Master Plan for Higher Education and, with it, the UC system. The SDFA believes that faculty are an important stakeholder in this process and that our voice needs to be heard.

To mark the revival of the SDFA, the Board would like to invite all members to a “Re-Launch” party at Porters Pub on Wednesday, 5 October from 4-6 pm. Please join fellow members, meet the new Board, and enjoy great free food and soft drinks. (Alas, beers will have to be purchased).

We hope to see you there!