Student Demands Have a March 8 Deadline

At the culmination of the March 1st rally and protest, the UCSD Public Education Coalition “initiated a civil, peaceful, and indefinite Reclamation of the UC San Diego Chancellor’s Complex”.  They have cited six UCSD Institutional Demands and are demanding a response by March 8th:

  • I. The permanent reopening of CLICS library and immediate moratorium on construction plans without student input;
  • II. Permanent funding for the Critical Gender Studies program and expansion of support for other underfunded departments including (but not limited to) Ethnic Studies, Literature, Visual Arts, and History;
  • III. Continuous, permanent, budget crisis-free funding for OASIS, a program which is at the forefront of student retention;
  • IV. Full implementation of the agreed-upon BSU demands (which were signed March 4, 2010) by March 4, 2013;
  • V. Funding for student resources on campus, including educational programming to increase the yield of historically underrepresented student groups, as well as rent-free funding for student co-ops; and
  • VI. An immediate end to the layoffs and cuts to workers’ wages, benefits, and pensions.

On Wednesday, March 8th, PEC will be hosting an open mic night in the administration complex to (hopefully) celebrate the adminstration’s positive response.

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