The March 5th Rally at Sacramento

The week of protest and action will be hit a peak this Monday, March 5th, at a rally in Sacramento.  Organized by Occupy Education California, a schedule of events is provided on their website.

Among the protestors will be students from UCSD supported by the SDFA, as well as UC faculty from across California.  UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau has explicitly endorsed the March 5 rally, emphasizing the importance of

“speak[ing] out against the state’s disinvestment from public higher education and call for the reinstatement of funding and stabilization of the budget.”

Why March 5th?  This was the day back in 1868 that Assembly Bill 583 was introduced in Sacramento to create the University of California.  It seems fitting that we use this day then to remember the commitment made by and for the people of the state of California:

“The University shall have for its design, to provide instruction and thorough and complete education in all departments of science, literature, art, industrial and profession pursuits, and general education”