Patrick Iber’s “How To Treat Adjuncts”

Here is an essay recently published in Inside Higher Education that helps us begin to break down the complex changing nature of academic labor, evidenced by the growing number of non-tenure adjunct faculty in our universities. Sometimes before we understand the larger issue, we have to understand the small, basic ones that have to do […]

SDFA opposes the unilateral eviction of the Che Cafe

October 7, 2014 Chancellor Pradeep Khosla Cc: VC Gary Matthews VC Alan Houston Associate VC Gary Ratcliff UCEN Director Sharon Van Bruggen Associated Students President Graduate Student Association President Dear Chancellor Khosla: It has come to our attention that a trial is underway to evict the Che Café from its current location on campus; and […]

Online learning push continues in California, but with approach faculty groups appreciate

Less Prescriptive in California Gov. Jerry Brown and State Sen. Darrell Steinberg, the Senate’s president, this year included a $50 million fund for “innovation” in the state’s budget. This has led to the development of a new awards program, one that will attract ideas for how to increase degree production significantly, allow more students to […]

UC Faculty Petition UC Administration To Negotiate in Good Faith with Student-Worker TA Union

The Santa Cruz Faculty Association (the SCFA, a sister chapter of the San Diego Faculty Association) invite ALL faculty — both Academic Senate members and AFT members — at ALL UC campuses to sign the petition at Here is the SCFA’s letter introducing the petition: Dear Colleagues, For many of us, our teaching assistants […]

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